Surface slip stitch

• This is a sl st worked through your finished work and appearing on the surface, as opposed to being worked on top of a stitch.
Tip: Make sure you are working the slip stitches very loosely, otherwise your hat will scrunch up and lose some stretch.
• The techniques used to start and finish will make your yarn secure, but we suggest that you weave ends as shown, just so they don't float around and show through your work.

1. Make a slip knot (and take it off your hook if you used the hook to make it). (Picture 1)
2. Insert your hook where you want to start your design, from the outside to the inside.
3. Place the slip knot inside the hat and onto your hook, and pull it through to the outside. You now have a single loop on your hook, and your working yarn is inside. (Picture 2)
4. Insert your hook into the next st when you want your design to go, and pull a loop to the outside. (Picture 3)
5. Pull this loop through the one on your hook, completing a sl st.
6. Work surface sl sts by repeating steps 4 and 5 all the way to the end of the line you are creating.
7. When you reach your last stitch, carefully remove hook, leaving a little loop on the outside. (Picture 4)
8. Insert hook from the inside, through the same st where you worked your last sl st. Grab the loop you left on the outside and pull it through to the inside. (Pictures 4 and 5)
9. Fasten off and weave ends as shown, weaving around the yarn with a back and forth motion. (Picture 6)

Picture 1 
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6