Invisible join

The invisible join technique is a clever method used to seamlessly finish a round without leaving a noticeable seam.

By carefully joining the last stitch to the first stitch in a way that conceals the join, you will achieve a smooth and polished look. This technique is particularly useful when creating garments, accessories, or any project where a clean and professional finish is desired.

In our patterns, it is often used when striped are involved.

  • Look before yuur join

    Finish last stitch of your round.

  • Step 1

    Remove your hook, leaving a little loop that you will be grabbing shortly.

  • Step 2

    Insert your hook into the first stitch of the round, from BACK to FRONT. Turn so that you face the wrong side of your work. it will make the rest of the steps easier.

  • Look after turning

    This is the look once you turn it (it is a bit easier to work the rest of the join this way) the hook is still going through the BACK to the FRONT, just from a different angle.

  • Step 5

    Put the loop back on hook and pull through the stitch.

  • Look after step 5

  • Step 6

    Turn again so that your are facing the right sidee of your work. You are now done your join. In our patterns, you will most likely be asked to either make a chainless starting single crochet, or to change color after you join.