Julivia Brigitte Labelle

Hi and welcome! I'm Brigitte and I am the designer behind Julivia, a modern crochet studio. I am creating from Canada, where it’s always good to know how to crochet something warm for those cold days! ❄ I hope you can feel joy from my designs and creations as much as I do! I am sure you will find the perfect project to slip on your hook for yourself, to give to others, or sell! It is my goal to create simple, yet beautiful and original patterns to bring joy to fellow crocheters of any level! After perfecting my craft for many years, I am now pleased to present to you my creations. Beware, I have gotten a few people hooked along the way, you may be next!



After a few busy years, and adding new members to our family, I have been minimizing and simplifying some aspects of my life, which is now reflecting in my designs. I now have an appreciation for modern, simple, joyful, sleek, elegant, and timeless designs, in both home décor as well as clothing and accessories.


This made the studio’s motto, « Because simple is beautiful », an easy choice. I believe that things do not need to be complicated to be beautiful. My designs combine playfulness and joyfulness with simplicity, elegance, and timelessness. I also believe that anyone should be able to make something great in the early stages of learning the craft, so I use simple techniques and materials. No fancy stitches, no fancy instruction, just plain and simple. My patterns are therefore easy to make and understand, even for rookies! I use a limited selection of yarn and tools in order to make it easy to make any of my patterns. I value quality over quantity and do not rush the design process. I embrace trial and error and give myself the freedom to fail and try again until I have the perfect design to share with you.


After been a musician for many years, I realized I would need a quieter hobby with a newborn in the house! I figured I could learn how to knit so I could make her something cute. Turns out knitting was not for me. That’s when I discovered crochet and got hooked! It turned out to be the perfect artistic outlet for me, and I was thrilled to see that I was able to make something only a few days into this journey.

After learning the basics, it didn't take me long to discover that I love creating new designs of my own. At that point, I decided to share my ideas and love for the craft. This all led me to create Julivia, which as you may have already guessed, is a combination of my 2 little girls' names. This is one of the ways I have found to include them in my studio, besides helping me with the first sketches when I have an idea (oh and of course, giving me the final stamp of approval!)