Hey there! I'm Brigitte, the creative mind behind Julivia. I am creating from Canada where crochet creations are more than cute – they're warm and essential! ❄️ I hope my designs spark joy for you just as they do for me. Are you passionate about crocheting unique and adorable items for little humans? You've come to the right place!


Your Companion on This Creative Journey

Crochet came into my life about a decade ago. After playing music for many years, I needed a creative outlet that was a bit more quiet and peaceful with little humans in the house! That's when I stumbled upon crochet. 

Just days into my crochet journey, I was amazed at what I could create with a hook and yarn. Finding the right patterns, though, felt like an endless maze. I wanted something modern yet playful, simple, joyful, and above all ... quick to make! The busy whirlwind of momma's life demanded it! 

Before I knew it, I was making items without patterns. That's how I discovered my passion for designing, and Julivia was born. 

Julivia is a beautiful blend of my 2 little humans' names. This is one way I have found to include them in my studio, besides helping me with the first sketches, and of course, giving me the final stamp of approval ♥.


The Julivia Difference

Julivia is dedicated to inspiring creativity and joy for parents, crafters, and little humans. My designs are simple, playful, and timeless, weaving together love and fun, ready to be cherished across generations. ♥

Simplicity is my magic wand. With onyl simple stitches and easy-to-find yarn and tools, I ensure that anyone, even in the early stages of learning the craft, can create something beautiful. Nothing complicated and tricky, just plain and simple, making my patterns easy to understand and execute.

As a designer, I value quality over quantity and do not rush the design process. I embrace the journey of creation, taking my time to explore, experiment, and refine. Through trial and error, I sculpt the perfect high-quality design that's eager to meet your crochet hook.